Biden Should Address the Immigration Crisis at Its Core


Posted: Aug 04, 2022 12:01 AM

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Even as the latest busload of migrants from Texas arrived in D.C. late Tuesday night with a total of at least 5,100 migrants and leaders like the Mayor of New York and the Mayor of DC complain about the influx of immigrants in their cities, the Biden administration does not seem to find its footing on the issue of immigration.

Recently, immigration advocates met with the Biden administration at the White House, urging immigration reform. After undoing many of the security measures implemented by the previous administration, they backtracked. Consequently, according to the Biden administration, they have now authorized the closing of the gaps at the border wall at the Morelos Dam in Arizona.

During a time when hot-button Supreme Court rulings and fears of economic recession dominate political debate, immigration remains a top issue among many U.S. voters. But rather than “doing something” simply to appease political allies,

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