Biden seeks to separate 'mainstream' Republicans from 'Trumpies' in Wisconsin speech

President Joe Biden continued to add texture Monday to a recent string of criticisms against “MAGA Republicans,” the right-most wing of the party that he’s sought to distinguish from the more moderate, “mainstream” GOP.

“I want to be very clear up front: Not every Republican is a MAGA Republican,” Biden said at a Labor Day event in Wisconsin. “Not every Republican embraces that extreme ideology. I know because I’ve been able to work with mainstream Republicans in my whole career.”

However, he continued: “The extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress have chosen to go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate and division. But together we can — and we must — choose a different path forward.”

The comments came after a series of appearances in recent days, in which the president has campaigned forcefully against the most “extreme” segments of the GOP. In the most pointed remark, he called former President Donald Trump’s philosophy “semi-fascism” at an event for Democratic donors late last month.

Biden placed Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican running to

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