Biden rejected school safety measures without a plan

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Twenty-one people died in Robb Elementary School. President Joe Biden’s response to the mass murder has been unsatisfying, even ambiguous at times. If he has viable solutions that do not expand the federal footprint in schools, he should articulate them. And he needs to explain why they would be better than ideas offered by local school leaders and law enforcement — ideas his administration has already rejected. 

Attending funeral services in Uvalde, Texas, last weekend, Biden expressed only a desire for “gun-control measures.” As the Wall Street Journal noted, he “didn’t specify the measures he would like to see.”  


The administration was light on school safety details before this disaster. Indeed, the best the administration has been able to muster so far is to stipulate that they weren’t all that keen about the previous administration’s approach, which focused on gathering ideas from state and local school officials. 

That less-than-helpful stance came in December 2021, when the administration stamped a message across the top of a federally commissioned 2018 report on school safety. The message: “This report is under review as of December 9, 2021. Some statements in this

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