Biden likes to duke it out with the press when he gets a tough question — here are 3 epic examples

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President Joe Biden had yet another dustup with a reporter on Monday. Biden rumbles with journalists like he was facing off against his one-time, alleged swimming pool nemesis Corn Pop.

In the latest round of Biden vs. The Press, a reporter explained that, “Economists are saying a recession is even more likely than ever.” That was too much for the pugnacious prez. “The majority of ’em aren’t saying that. C’mon, don’t make things up, OK?” he responded. “Now you sound like a Republican politician. I was joking. That is a joke.”

Except, it happens a lot. He argues with CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and, of course, Fox News. According to one study, he gave only a fraction of the number of interviews given by Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Biden knocked NBC anchor Lester Holt for “being a wise guy” for asking about inflation. He even joked about running down ABC’s Cecilia Vega — in an electric vehicle, of course. 

This isn’t Trump, who the press attacked almost hourly. This is Biden, the preferred candidate of the news media. That’s what makes his behavior so astonishing.


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