Biden knows what he's doing and four other takeaways for this Dem from the midterm elections

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The 2022 midterm election has come and has not yet entirely gone, because as I write this, there are still a dozen House seats up for grabs and votes are still being cured and counted. As a Democrat, I come away from this election with several thoughts; but here are 5 of my takeaways from this latest midterm election cycle. 

1. Biden knows what he’s doing 

President Joe Biden was going to be an albatross around the Democrat’s necks with his 41% favorability rating heading into the midterms and 44% unfavorable in the exit polls; but that just wasn’t the case. Prior to the midterms, every Democratic Senate candidate was polling higher than the president in their home states and individual voters were very much able to differentiate from the president, the party, the candidate and their goals for the future.  

The former senator, vice president and now president, has, as I have always maintained, not governed based on the polls. His “no malarkey” style, attacking the MAGA arm of the GOP turned out to be a good and helpful thing for Democrats, and I believe, Biden knew that. The president accurately predicted that the

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