Biden is complicit in climate-related 'mass death,' activists claim

Climate activists continued their protest outside the White House on Wednesday, with one activist group suggesting that President Biden is “complicit in mass death.”

Activists put up a 60-foot sign to make it look like a flood was swallowing up the White House.

“Activists have deployed a 60-foot FLOOD in front of the @whitehouse to show that the #climatecrisis is NOW,” the Washington, D.C., activist group Arm in Arm 4 Climate DC tweeted. The organization claimed that 30 people have died in Tennessee this summer and 40 people died in the New York area, ostensibly of climate-related causes. 

“#climatechange is HERE and to do nothing is to be complicit in mass death @potus,” the organization added.

Biden has taken up the cause of climate activists, issuing extensive executive orders from his first day in office. 


Even so, activists have flocked to the White House this week, in part to protest the expansion of the Line 3 pipeline from Canada into the U.S. Midwest. A new segment of the line opened on October 1. While Biden blocked the Keystone XL pipeline, he did not block Line 3.

Climate protesters vandalized a statue of former President Andrew Jackson and

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