Biden fails to hold China accountable for weaponizing TikTok

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Technology presents both challenges and opportunities – it contains solutions to many of the world’s most perplexing problems while also creating many catalyzing issues and threats. To that point it’s time to start asking questions about how we value data. From a privacy, monetization, or security standpoint, we need to decide what we care about and have tough discussions about the steps we need to take once we determine what data must be protected or preserved both now and into the future.

TikTok is a short-form video hosting service with over 1 billion users worldwide. In the United States, it has been downloaded over 200 million times surpassing Google in terms of internet traffic. In April 2021, media reports revealed the unprecedented degree of control and moderation that Chinese owned TikTok has over the content on its platform. It’s been revealed that company executives determine which videos go viral and which appear on personalized recommendation pages, ultimately setting worldwide trends. 

The level of data manipulation, curation, and apparent corporate support is startling and cause for great concern as the program could be wielded as a tool for propaganda to mislead Americans and undermine our

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