Biden, Democrats' downward spiral began with Afghanistan

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When did Americans realize that their elected president was not to be trusted with the most important decisions that affect our nation, especially our national security? 

When historians look back at the pivot point for the Biden presidency—and what originally set up the coming expected Democrat meltdown in Tuesday’s midterms—they will point to Afghanistan, and the series of disastrous decisions the president made in July and August 2021. They not only led to the worst foreign policy debacle for the Unite States since the fall of Saigon in 1975.  They also led the public to wonder whether the president they had just elected, was truly fit for office.  It’s a question that’s only gathered negative momentum since.  

Although Biden and the media would try to blame the chaos that resulted from his mishandling of Afghanistan on President Donald Trump, the truth was Biden had inherited a stable if uncertain situation in Afghanistan. While Trump had made it clear he was pulling American troops out of Afghanistan and winding up America’s longest war, he had also not set a timetable for departure.  And no one—least of all the Taliban—doubted whether Trump would send U.S. troops

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