Biden Counterterror: Over The Horizon, Over The Rainbow?


Posted: Nov 24, 2021 12:01 AM

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Calling the Aug. 29 mistaken counterterror attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, a wartime error — or an “endless war” withdrawal blunder — understates the inhumane effects and geostrategic significance of the tragedy.

On the other hand, labeling the incident a war crime absurdly overstates the case. Prior to the strike, an Islamic State group-sponsored terror bombing had killed 13 U.S. military personnel and Afghans seeking to escape the Taliban’s impending tyranny. Chaos and deadly threats haunted the whole of Afghanistan, but thanks to the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal operation, Kabul’s international airport had become the bull’s-eye target for terrorists.

Here are the historical facts. On Aug. 29, U.S. intelligence had tracked a vehicle in Kabul for several hours and concluded the vehicle carried Islamic State group terrorists intent on attacking U.S. forces and Afghan refugees.

An American drone aircraft fired a missile that destroyed a white Toyota Corolla and killed all the human beings inside it. Blasted them to bits.

Subsequently, President Joe Biden claimed the

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