Biden blasts 'ultra-MAGA' Republicans’ inflation plans

President Joe Biden in a speech on Tuesday launched a pointed attack against what he called “ultra-MAGA” Republican plans to address the economy and spiking inflation.

“I happen to think it’s a good thing when American families have a little more money in their pockets at the end of the month,” Biden said at the White House. “The Republicans in Congress don’t seem to think so. Their plan is going to make working families poorer.”

The president specifically took aim at Sen. Rick Scott’s (R-Fla) “Rescue America” proposal, which Biden labeled the “ultra-MAGA agenda.” Biden said the plan would “raise taxes on 75 million American families” and do nothing “to hold big corporations and companies accountable.”

“This moment of peril with the war overseas and inflation surging around the world, the last thing we should be thinking about is rewarding companies for exploiting the situation,” Biden said.

The president blasted the GOP for proposals including tax cuts for big corporations and requiring

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