Biden battles Trump for 'Soul of Nation' because Democrats can't run on his failed policies

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Donald Trump is the monster hiding under the bed. 

Because Democrats can’t think of much good to say about Joe Biden, they are casting the midterm elections as a referendum …not on their president, but instead, on Donald Trump. Who can blame them?

With eight weeks to go, President Joe Biden’s approval ratings, while slightly improved, are still dismal. In fact, they are about where Trump’s were at this point in his presidency. Since Biden has delivered high inflation, soaring crime, a collapsed border and a looming recession, he cannot campaign for Democrats on his record. As a result, has pivoted to attacking Trump and the tens of millions he calls “MAGA Republicans.” 

Biden calls this confrontation a “battle for the soul of this nation.”  


He calls Trump (and his supporters) extreme, and a threat to Democracy. He imbues the former president not only with evil intentions but immense super powers. 

It’s worth noting that despite the demagoguery, Biden rightfully occupies the Oval Office, elections are proceeding apace and, importantly, Republican voters have moved on from Trump. In a recent Pew survey, only 39% of likely GOP voters say Trump

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