Biden and Xi's high stakes meeting – 3 tasks the president must deliver on in Bali

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America is engaged in a monumental struggle global struggle with China. While the White House is already downplaying expectations for the sideline meeting between President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping, the fact is this struggle is at a pivotal phase.

The Bali meeting between Biden and Xi on the sidelines of the G20 will be short.  Expect Biden to do most of the talking; previous Zoom calls have lasted up to three hours, when Biden got in lecture mode.  

It’s a G20 meeting, so get ready for gooey talk about energy transitions and global economic recovery. But don’t expect any major trade concessions or diplomatic “deliverables,” says the White House. They know Xi is not there to negotiate. China’s penetration of American universities, cyber theft of technology, and takeover of the United Nations is humming along, so China’s incentive to talk is minimal right now. 

Xi Jinping wants to show up in Bali, Indonesia and take a victory lap after cementing his total political control of China last month. The G20 and guests are his best customers, after all. 


However, the G20 (minus Russia) is also pretty much the

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