Biden administration pushes ‘broken’ carbon offset system

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This is the age of climate consciousness, with every corporation flaunting its eco-friendly endeavors like badges of honor. But the recent unveiling of guidelines by the Biden administration to bolster the credibility of the voluntary carbon market unveils a troubling reality: carbon offsets, the purported saviors of our planet, are not the panacea they claim to be.

At first glance, the concept seems noble. Companies purchase carbon credits, each allegedly representing the reduction of one metric ton of CO2, through projects like tree planting or renewable energy installations. These credits, in theory, cancel out the emissions produced by the purchasing company, enabling them to proclaim themselves as carbon neutral or even net-zero emitters.

However, delve deeper, and the charade begins to crumble. Take the case of tech giant Apple, heralded for its strides toward carbon neutrality, for example, A significant portion of the company’s claimed emissions reduction stems from the purchase of climate offsets, including investments in projects like eucalyptus timber plantations in distant Paraguay. Yet, the reality behind these projects is far from green utopia.

The Biden administration should prioritize commonsense initiatives that actually bring some sort of positive change. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

As Bill Walker, a journalist and veteran environmentalist, recently noted, the plight of peasant farmers, often overlooked in the glitzy narratives

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