Biden administration defends Trump coal policies, faces backlash

A Biden administration defense of Trump-era coal policies in Montana and Wyoming sparked legal action by environmental groups this week arguing that a court order concerning climate change was being ignored.

At issue is a 2018 U.S. District Court order that the Bureau of Land Management, when developing resource management plans for coal mining, factor in the environmental consequences such as the burning the coal “downstream” at power plants in the United States.

The court order specifically addressed the resource management plans coming from Bureau of Land Management field offices in Miles City and Buffalo, Wyoming, where plan revisions were expected to reduce the amount of public coal up for lease. BLM did make changes to the plans, during the Trump era, which the Biden administration now defends.

“BLM’s range of alternatives and analyses of potential emissions complies with both the court’s order and (the National Environmental Policy Act),” attorneys for the agency said in a Jan. 7 filing.

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But environmental groups represented by Earth Justice argued Monday that BLM’s revisions were meaningless, specifically because land removed from the resource management plan wasn’t going to be mined for coal. The

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