Beyond the Abortion Debate, There Are Hurting Men and Women. We Must Not Forget Them

In the midst of the raging national debate about abortion, followers of Jesus must never forget that they are not just dealing with an issue, nor are they just dealing with the life of the baby in the womb. They are dealing with other people, with women who have had abortions in the past and with men who participated in abortions in the past and for whom the current debate brings up old wounds. They must never be forgotten when we talk about abortion publicly.

These are the people who call my Line of Fire radio broadcast in tears, sometimes sobbing as they share their stories from decades past. (Click here to listen to two recent calls, one from a woman and the other from a man. Both of them were strongly pro-abortion before becoming born-again Christians, at which point they immediately became pro-life.)

There’s another group of people that must never be forgotten in this critical moment in our nation’s history.

These are the people who are not in our churches.

But they are watching the national debate carefully. They are listening to the political leaders who speak out against abortion. They are watching the pro-life Christians who hold up signs

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