Beware the sweet girl: She’s a bot and she’s armed!

Brent Northup

“The Creator” (PG-13)

At the Cinemark

The trailer for “The Creator” is seductive: A cute vulnerable child named Alphie is being protected by a compassionate soldier who just lost his wife.

Alphie has the face of an angel, but the brain of a subversive robot – a robot so feared by the military that she’s been targeted for termination.

The big eyes of the kid, and the big heart of the sergeant won me over: I wondered what we would discover as Alphie’s ethical core was explored.

John David Washington in a scene from “The Creator.” 

20th Century Studios via AP

I’m a fan of cerebral science fiction. The arrival of brilliant robots and ChatGPT has already generated thought-provoking art – in painting, music, literature and film.

But as I settled into my seat – Row 5, aisle, per usual – I quickly suspected that the script was not the stuff of Olaf Stapledon, Arthur C. Clarke or Isaac Asimov.

People are

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