Best true crime documentaries of 2021

The true crime docuseries and documentaries struck a chord among true crime aficionados, contributing to the success of the genre and propelling new cases into the spotlight. The popularity of true crime documentaries comes at a time of growing interest among the United States demographic. In the last five years, search volume for true crime has roughly tripled, according to Google Trends, reflecting the growing desire among information consumers to obtain true crime content.

That rise in interest hasn’t gone unnoticed by academic institutions, with many adding true crime-related courses to their offerings. The North Dakota State University (NDSU) Criminal Justice Department is slated to offer a 2022 spring semester course on serial killers. While still months away, the course has already filled up.

The popularity of the upcoming course came as no surprise to Dr. Carol A. Archbold, Chair of NDSU’s Criminal Justice Department and co-professor for the upcoming course.

“I think that true crime podcasts and docuseries are primary contributors to students’ interest in the serial killer class and the criminal justice discipline in general,” Archbold said. “When I meet with high school students who tour NDSU during their college visits, I ask them how they

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