Bender: Republicans too clueless to let Biden play bad cop

Gov. Doug Burgum immediately suspended his primary mission of lowering flags to honor anyone who’s even farted patriotically to rail against this “dangerous path away from states’ rights and the freedom of private businesses ….”

Puh-leaze. Please tell me you secretly get it, Gov, that your threatened lawsuit over “business rights” is just an act; after all, that’s what politics is, right, acting? And haven’t you cast yourself as the rustic, cerebral one? C’mon, you know how it works … you wear flannel and boots while the director films at angles to make you look noble and taller, and in the background, it’d be swell if Springsteen’s playing, or John Cougar Mellencamp, at least. Or if you’re super desperate for attention, maybe you could ride a horse through Sturgis while onlookers debate who’s smarter, the rider or the horse.

You must get this, Gov, after all, you’re a bidness owner, and we know that if you could’ve, you’d have masked every yahoo in North Dakota and run ’em through the chute for vaccinations. However, for the vast, clueless audience — certainly not for you, Doug — allow me to expand upon my point.

Question: What do businesses need to business?

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