BEHRENS: The Beginner’s Guide To Blaming Everything On Climate Change

I’m not a lawyer, but I have an idea on how Hunter Biden received that sweetheart deal from his dad’s Department of Justice: he blamed everything on climate change. It is the perfect defense, not just for potential legal trouble, but just about anything. 

Admittedly, that’s a stretch, but not a very far one.

The hot-take kings over at Time Magazine are pointing their finger at the climate boogeyman for the recent bridge collapse on I-95. They argue since gas tankers carry gas, they are hazardous when they are on the road because of…the gas. Put more simply, if we didn’t use fossil fuels, we wouldn’t need gas tankers and I-95 would still be intact. 

To drive their point home, they even quote someone who calls gas tankers “rolling bombs.” However, to step even further into their clueless hypocrisy, go ahead and search the article for the word “pipeline.”  No matter the direct cause of the event, the cause is always climate change.

Climate Rule: Forest fires are always started by climate change, especially when they’re not.

In 2022, the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak wildfire became the largest wildfire in New Mexico’s history. It would take more than three months to extinguish,

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