Before the door closes: The story of what could be one of Wyoming's last legal abortions

On her lunch break, Evelyn drove to Albertsons to buy another pregnancy test. She wandered the cool, fluorescent-lit store and, after a while, asked a pharmacist for help. The pharmacist led her to an unlabeled section next to the hair dyes. She bought a test and also a box of Plan B, just in case.

She headed to her Jackson home. A cardboard sign with the words “My Body My Choice” painted in red leaned against a dusty glass window. Her dog Winston and her housemate’s dog Shiitake rattled the gate and pressed their noses to the slats to greet her. She shuffled past them into the front door.

Winston relaxes inside Evelyn and Carly’s house on July 15 in Jackson.

Lauren Miller, Star-Tribune

On the right, a line of hooks piled with worn leashes and a calendar with a picture of “Love Island” contestants, Winston photoshopped over one of them. To her left, a bookshelf with a blue fish in a glass bowl, a troll figurine, a can of bear spray and books. A pair of bleached ox skulls stared

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