Becoming a winner, even without a banner or a ribbon

Reanna, 9, took home a blue ribbon and a red ribbon for her market sheep and a blue ribbon for junior sheep showmanship. No banners or rosettes or special awards for the wooly things, though she was the reserve champion for her sewing project. But I’m sure in time she’ll see that being a winner has little to nothing to do with where you finish in the class.

When it was time to buy lambs, we made a visit to a local teenage girl rather than to a club lamb sale. Abby has, over the past few years, built an impressive flock of breeding sheep. Now 14, she pays the bills for the sheep and does the lion’s share of work, though her mom’s help is vital during school hours. It’s something Abby has aspired to all on her own, and while I am not clamoring for my daughters to do anything similar right now, I do want them to see what hard work and diligence can build.

Abby was happy to mentor a younger 4-Her. She helped Reanna pick out a pair of lambs and explained how she had been feeding them. She even lent us a set

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