Bear shot in Sula after getting into garbage

A black bear was shot in Sula last week after getting into garbage outside of a man’s residence according to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks officials.

FWP officials confirmed that an adult male black bear was shot by a Sula resident on the night of Wednesday, Sept. 20. The man reportedly yelled at the bear in an attempt to run it off after finding it in his garbage. According to FWP officials the bear huffed at the man and continued to feed undeterred. The man, feeling threatened, then got his gun and shot the bruin.

FWP Lion and Bear Management Technician Eli Hampson said the unfortunate end result of a dead bear was due to a very common misunderstanding in the way that bears communicate. Hampson said the best thing to do is be preventative and secure attractants, but if you do find yourself in a similar situation, it’s generally best to just leave the bear alone and report the encounter to FWP. The bear will likely leave on its own once it’s done eating.

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