Baxendale Volunteer Fire Department gets its first woman captain

Nolan Lister

Baxendale Volunteer Fire Department recently promoted four of its volunteers to the rank of captain, but only one made history.

Audrey Todd-Davis, a 62-year-old professional photographer by trade, became the first woman to achieve the rank of captain since the department’s founding in 1988.

“I was raised kinda rough and tumble, so I fit right in with the other guys,” Todd-Davis said.

Audrey Todd-Davis accepts her captain’s hat, a traditional symbol of the promotion, at a ceremony Jan. 10. Todd-Davis became the first woman to achieve the rank of captain in the Baxendale Volunteer Fire Department.

Photo provided by Brady Beyers

Baxendale Volunteer Fire Chief Clint Loss said he knows Todd-Davis will do a fine job as captain.

“Audrey’s been here a long time; she’s played the game,” Loss said. “She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.”

Todd-Davis joined the volunteer department ranks more than 17 years ago. She said she was providing her photography services to many of the rural fire departments in the county when the Baxendale fire chief at the time, Dave Mason, convinced her

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