BASTASCH: Here’s How Woke Wall Street Is Gouging Americans At The Pump

For months now, President Joe Biden and the Democrats have tried to pin sky-high gas prices on an increasingly absurd list of boogeymen.

First, it was “Putin’s Price Hike” – except prices were rising before a single Russian tank rolled into Ukrainian-held territory. Then, they blamed the oil industry, and after that, Biden pointed the finger at greedy mom-and-pop-owned gas stations. Most recently, the president blamed obstructionist Republicans for Americans’ pain at the pump. (RELATED: COHEN: It’s Time To Turn The Tables On Our Would-Be Climate Overlords)

It’s a sadly predictable, and pathetic, attempt to cover up for their own radical, anti-fossil fuel agenda that’s killed pipelines, shuttered refineries and stymied oil and gas leasing. Biden campaigned on ending fossil fuels, and his policies have reflected that goal, setting the stage for the current energy crisis.

But here’s the thing — Biden didn’t accomplish this feat alone. He had the help of a cartel of woke investors and financial institutions, whose ultimate goal is to use the power of global financial markets to force the green transition upon all you peons who cling to your oil, guns and God. The sheer amount of capital pouring into “environment, social and governance” (ESG) funds

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