Baroque Music Montana is a new, old voice on the state’s scene

Montana’s music scene — saturated with country and bluegrass — can sometimes feel old fashioned. But those banjos and harmonicas have nothing on Baroque Music Montana. The organization, which operates out of Bozeman but reaches into Montana towns both big and small, is helping redefine what live music can mean in Montana. 

Carrie Krause is the concertmaster in the Bozeman Symphony and the founder of Baroque Music Montana. 

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They’re kicking off their 2023 season this weekend with “Con Tre Violini,” a musical program that is bringing Baroque Music Montana to the biggest venues they’ve ever played. They’re at Cisel Hall recital hall at Montana State University Billings on Monday, Jan. 9. There are six musicians, playing songs by old world masters like Dario Castello and Giovanni Battista Fontana.

Carrie Krause founded Baroque Music Montana in 2015. They specialize in “historical music,” which means they like to play period specific songs on period specific instruments. 

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