Awesome! Twelve-Year-Old Montana Girl Writes Best-Selling Book

There must be something in the water. How else can we explain these stories of talented writers that have been coming out of Montana recently? We’ve been following along with the success of Stephanie Land over the last few months and have shared details as her memoir was being turned into a Netflix miniseries. The show is out now and it’s a hit with a few people in our building.  And if you’re a fan, you can even get an autographed copy of the memoir from a bookstore here in Missoula.

Write about what you know

It looks like Montana has another up-and-coming superstar when it comes to writing. A twelve-year-old from Three Forks is getting some well-deserved recognition for a children’s book she wrote with a story about adoption. Ella Delger used real-life inspiration as she wrote the book based on the experiences of her aunt and uncle traveling to Ethiopia and returning with her adopted cousin. When Ella’s aunt and uncle would later move their family away from Montana, she gave her cousin her stuffed koala named Coco. In her book, “Coco Goes To Africa: A Story About Adoption,” Coco is a koala that makes the trip to Ethiopia to pick up his new brother.

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