Attorney General Issues Guidance on Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Plan

With the President of the United States proposing a nationwide COVID vaccination mandate, many were asking after his speech if such a mandate now exists.

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen has issued legal guidance on the proposed mandate, as well as on illegal vaccine discrimination.

“The President is proposing a vaccine mandate,” said Knudsen. “We are dealing with a flood of phone calls into the Department of Justice with businesses who don’t know what the status of the federal law is. To be clear, all that has happened here is that President Biden has given a speech, hard stop. That’s it. There is no rule. There is no mandate. It’s extremely questionable whether or not the President even has that power constitutionally to issue such a mandate. But let’s assume for a moment that he does, well, he hasn’t done it yet.”

Regarding the issue of vaccine discrimination, Knudsen referred to House Bill 702.

“This last legislative session, we had a piece of legislation passed House Bill 702,” he said. “What House Bill 702 did is it said that you cannot be discriminated against based upon your vaccine status. It creates a private cause of action for employees who think they’ve been discriminated against

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