Attorney General Austin Knudsen Takes Calls on KGVO’s Talk Back

Whenever a statewide elected official agrees to take phone calls from listeners on a local talk show, the lines are jammed.

That was the case on Monday when Montana’s Attorney General Austin Knudsen appeared on KGVO’s Talk Back show.

Knudsen’s first statement addressed the introduction last week of a statewide organization to fight human trafficking and the involvement of the Montana Beer and Wine Distributors.

“Beer and wine distributors?” asked Knudsen. “Look, they’ve got beer trucks crisscrossing the state every day, and they thought, well, heck, why aren’t we training our drivers? You know, they’re in the bars. They’re in the backs of truck stops. They’re in storage rooms that that most people don’t have access to. Why aren’t we training our guys on what to look for the signs of human trafficking?”

One listener asked if Knudsen would act to improve traffic safety along the dangerous Highway 93 South where two recent accidents took the lives of one woman and a 10 year-old child.

“Those are awful accidents, and of course I’d seen the stories,” he said. “But you and I spoke last time. I do remember, actually right after that I spoke to the Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel

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