At the Roxy: A Montana adventure, a masterful Schrader, mountain drama


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‘Saving for the Day’

After an old man gives him a locked chest full of treasure, a penny-pinching hermit embarks on a series of adventures to track down the key. That sounds hard enough as it is, but things get more complicated when he realizes each adventure is its own genre. This made-in-Montana film explores the lengths we go for fulfillment. Not Rated. Stars Andy Shirtliff, Lindsey Zachariasen and Jeff Medley. Opens Friday, May 19, with a Q&A with writer-director John D. Nilles and the cast and crew.

Joel Edgerton, left, and Sigourney Weaver in “Master Gardener.” 

Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures/TNS ‘Master Gardener’

When his wealthy dowager employer asks him to take on her troubled grand-niece as a new apprentice, this meticulous horticulturist finds that he can’t keep his dark secrets from emerging from the ground like a bed of beautiful flowers. Rated R. Joel Edgerton, Sigourney Weaver and Quintessa Swindell star in Paul Schrader’s newest film. Opens Friday, May 19.

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