Asylum? Canadian Mask Critic Detained by Border Patrol in Montana

UpdateWe gave an update live on the radio Wednesday morning around 9:40 a.m. A CBP spokesperson has confirmed that Kevin Johnston was already returned to Canadian authorities. 

Breaking News Up Front: According to CTV, Canadian man Kevin Johnston, who has been a critic of mask mandates and other lockdown measures, has been arrested by US Border Patrol after walking across the border near Plentywood, Montana.

According to a Canadian Border Patrol spokesperson, Plentywood Station Border Patrol agents assisted the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office to search for this man who was reported to be “lost near the Montana/ North Dakota state line”. The man later identified as Johnston has been a “fugitive” wanted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Makes you wonder how many times we have seen this play out in record numbers here in America. Illegal aliens are flooding in across our Southern Border, no COVID test or vaccine passport required. Then they get shipped on the taxpayer dime all across the country and allowed to stay here in the US. But if you want to *legally* cross the border and come here from Canada to visit family in Montana…nope-can’t have that without still jumping through a bunch of hoops.

That’s what makes this breaking news out of

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