Astro Bob: Full Moon may look unusually red this week

A kayaker cuts across the sun’s glitter path on July 17, 2021. Even a half-hour after sunrise the sun still glowed deep orange. (Bob King)

I try to see every full moon. I like the company of other moongazers which is why I often watch from a public beach on the shore of Lake Superior, my favorite locale. The shared enthusiasm for a big moon over big water makes my heart happy especially when parents bring their children along.

The moon will be full on Friday, July 23 and appear in the constellation Capricornus to the right of Saturn and Jupiter. (Stellarium)

July’s full moon is called the Buck Moon because antlers first start to grow on the heads of buck deer this time of year. It’s also called the Berry Moon and Thunder Moon. I can vouch for the former because now’s the peak of wild raspberry season (blueberries, too). I stumbled onto acres raspberry bushes two days ago and couldn’t get the juicy drupelets into my mouth fast enough.

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