Art House arising on Helena College campus

Marga Lincoln For the Independent Record

Okay, so it might take a year or so.

But Helena College is renovating a house on its Roberts Street campus to be an art space – with multiple art classrooms, a gallery, a gathering space, a ceramics lab, studio space and more.

Right now, it just has very rough schematics by Slate Architecture and no ballpark figure of how much it will cost to become a reality.

The Art Department has come a long way since Seth Roby first walked in the door in 2016 as an adjunct instructor to teach Intro to Drawing.

That year, he had 18 students.

A year later, he added Painting I and 2D Foundations.

In 2019, he came on as a full-time instructor.

Now, there’s some 90 students taking art each semester.

There’s a flurry of other art activity on campus, as well.

This summer, Helena artist Doug Turman is teaching a special topics watercolor class on campus.

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In spring, ceramic artist and Holter Museum of Art Executive Director Chris Riccardo taught a ceramics class.

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