Around the Town: Helena-area arts and entertainment news published Thursday, June 10, 2021

{{featured_button_text}} Queen City features artist Lanelle Christman

A new art show, “Time Out of Mind Chakra Soul Music,” features local artist Lanelle Christman at Queen City Framing & Art Supplies during June.

Finding inspiration in music and yoga, Christman uses her art to express her love of both through mixed-media and digital art fusion.

Music and mandalas are a major theme to be found in her art work, as well as the bright colors of the chakra and their meanings in relation to the subject of her pieces.

Christman dedicates her painting practice to her grandmother with whom she painted as a young child. She started creating again in 2018 while working through a dark time in her life.

She uses her art as a way to talk about the need to end the stigma around mental health issues and crises.

She donates the proceeds from her sales to support organizations and efforts to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of mental health and suicide prevention.

Christman has a donation-based online yoga studio and complete “playlist” of her music-based artwork. More information can be found at, and

Christman’s art show of originals and prints can be seen at Queen City Framing &

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