Are You Thankful for America? Then Fight for Her

With Democrats in control of Congress and the White House, aided and abetted by a relentlessly partisan (and deceitful) media, the left is on the march. They’re going to usher in a new order, by hook or by crook. They are dismantling the foundation of this country as fast as they can, and what’s going to be left once they’re done “building back better” is going to be devoid of decency, much less anything else of value.

The left favors poverty over prosperity, incompetence over skill, ignorance over experience, theft over commerce, arsonists over property owners, predators over children and criminals over law-abiding citizens. This isn’t hyperbole; look at their policies, the people they put in positions of power, those they praise and those they prosecute.

As a businessman, former President Donald Trump understood the wisdom of leaving the nuts and bolts of the economy to the free market system in which millions of enterprises and their owners compete for customers’ valuable dollars.

By contrast, the numbskulls in the Biden administration constrict oil production, send prices of gas and consumer goods soaring and then blame it on OPEC and the oil companies. President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate is causing walkouts

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