Are the Chinese about to ‘deal a devastating blow’ to America?

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This might sound like a plot for a thriller – and I am the author of “The Year of the Dragon” – but the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, recently said, at Vanderbilt University’s “Summit on Modern Conflict and Emerging Threats,” that Chinese-government-linked hackers have “burrowed into critical U.S. infrastructure” and are waiting for “just the right moment to deal a devastating blow” to America.

Could such a moment come if China attacks Taiwan? Just imagine the mayhem in the U.S. if the national power grid was taken down for days. 

The U.S., along with Taiwan, run war games scenarios on worries like these annually. But why is the director of the FBI worrying about them publicly?

 Chinese President Xi Jinping reviews the honor guard during a welcome ceremony at The Great Hall of the People on Nov. 22, 2023, in Beijing. (Florence Lo – Pool/Getty Images)

Also, why in the same political moment did U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken publish talking points saying there are now “290,000 Chinese students in the United States” but just 900 American students in China? 


In the release, Blinken did not

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