Apologists For Communists

As the Cuban crisis unfolds, we are seeing an unprecedented number of protesters. Some of these dissidents could lose their lives for their bravery.

A friend of mine from church, Carlos, is from Cuba. Carlos was a political prisoner for 18 months in his home country. His crime? Trying to escape Cuba. Eventually, he did get to escape.

I asked him about today’s protests. He said, “62 years later — this is the first time the people arose. It’s not over. At least they’re not afraid to protest any more. At this point they have nothing to lose.” One would add, except for their lives.

He said that the word from inside Cuba is that many protesters have been killed “left and right.”

Some of those Cuban protesters have even carried American flags — as a symbol of freedom. Protesters against communism in Hong Kong a year or two ago also waved American flags. Ironically, many American leftists protest the flag. But in the face of Communist oppression, these dissidents see the American flag in a positive light.

There are some American apologists for the Cuban communists. New York congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) sent out a tweet (7/15/21) claiming to sympathize with the

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