Any Inflation Control Will Be Transitory As Long As Inflationists Are in Control

Don’t listen to the Fed. Inflation is made by inflationists and cannot be unmade by them. The only hope for beating inflation now is for Americans to become “deflationists” themselves and choose sound money while they still can.

The politically correct opinion approved for all cocktail parties in Washington, DC is that inflation must be kept under control by powerful monetary manipulators. But the thought of deflation is so dreadfully offensive that it’s never uttered or only as a curse word.

The Federal Reserve and its lackeys in the media and academia couldn’t be more wrong about how money works, and while it’s encouraging that more Americans are now waking up to this, their time for taking decisive action is scarce.

The inflationists have bamboozled the public for far too long. But without mass complacency, the inflationary process that benefits the elites quickly crashes and burns.

None of this is complicated. The average American, heck, even the below-average American is perfectly capable of grasping the concepts of inflation and deflation.

Inflation and deflation have simple definitions. An increase in the money supply is inflation, and a decrease in the money supply is deflation. 

The question at hand is when will Americans suffer enough of

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