Annual Red Ants Pants gathering is as much a reunion as a music festival


One year at the annual Red Ants Pants Music Festival, Lindsay Aun said her friend’s young daughter disappeared. 

Aun and her friends were searching all over the campsite looking for her. To their surprise, and relief, she rode up on a four-wheeler with one of the event’s volunteers. They were all relieved, Aun said, and the volunteers were kind. 

In fact, everyone at Red Ants Pants is kind, she said. That’s why Aun, a teacher, has made the drive from her hometown in Livingston to White Sulphur Springs and attended the music festival four times over the last decade. 

“Every year, everyone’s always super kind and fun,” Aun said. 

In its 11th year, the Red Ants Pants Music Festival draws a crowd to White Sulphur Springs for a weekend of music. Held on the Jackson Ranch, just a short drive outside the small town, vendors, attendees and volunteers come out to participate.

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