Anderson elected Missoula City Council vice president

Bret Anne Serbin

In his first Missoula City Council meeting as mayor Monday night, Jordan Hess presided over a decision to select his replacement as council vice president.

Council voted in Ward 5 Representative Stacie Anderson on Monday. The only other nominee was Ward 6 council member Sandra Vasecka.

“I look forward to working with all of you and thank you, Ms. Vasecka, for your willingness to serve as well,” said Anderson, who will preside over council meetings if the mayor and president are absent.

Council nominated Stacie Anderson and Sandra Vasecka to serve as the council’s next vice president.

Six council members voted for Anderson: Gwen Jones, Mike Nugent, Jennifer Savage, Heidi West, Mirtha Becerra and Anderson herself.

Three councilors voted for Vasecka: Daniel Carlino, Kristen Jordan and Vasecka.

John Contos and Amber Sherrill were absent Monday.

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Ward 2 council member Mirtha Becerra nominated Anderson.

“I think that she’s been wanting to serve and I think it’s important to have someone who wants to be in that role,” Becerra said. “I think that she brings experience and an attitude of collaboration and I feel confident that she

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