ANALYSIS: The Left Is Squirming At The GOP’s New Immigration Tactic. It’s Working

“I’m going to take the border to President Biden,” Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott announced in April, foreshadowing a viable immigration gambit that now has the Left squirming with discomfort.

Republican governors are adopting a new tactic to deal with record illegal crossings of the United States southern border — send the migrants to the doorstep of President Joe Biden himself, and the cities which describe themselves as “sanctuary cities.” So far, 4,000 migrants have arrived in buses from border states to DC, and 2,800 have arrived in New York City. Both these cities describe themselves as sanctuary cities.

Abbott announced the plan in April after Biden rescinded Title 42, which allowed border authorities to turn back migrants for health concerns. Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey has employed the tactic as well, and he’s planning to bill the Biden administration for the effort. (RELATED: Migrants Bused To DC Don’t Stay There. Here’s Where They’re Going)

“President Biden will be able to immediately meet the needs of migrants he is allowing to cross our border by busing them to his backyard,” Abbott said in a press release as he announced the arrival of the tenth bus of illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C. “The Biden

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