ANALYSIS: How Did ‘The Least Racially Diverse,’ And Most Radical Faction Of The Left Hijack The Democrat Party?

The Democratic Party is rapidly morphing into the Smug White Liberal Party.

Although Democrats consider themselves the party of diversity and working-class Americans, their greatest support seems to come from college-educated, white radicals, according to The New York Times/Sienna College Research Institute poll.

The poll showed that white voters with a college degree gave Democrats a 20-point advantage over Republicans heading into the midterms.

The Economist called these voters likely “progressives” who tend to be “highly engaged, highly educated voters with very liberal views on race, immigration, and economic policy” while also being the “least racially diverse” group among Democratic voters, according to the publication’s July article, “Democrats in America are realising they must moderate or die.”

“The ideas of progressive Democrats have an outsize influence over the trajectory of policy – and the party’s external perception,” the Economist wrote.

The publication warned that allowing progressives’ control over the party is causing a disturbing “trend” of losing support among minority voters. “Rather than the Democratic Party wooing economically marginalized people of color and marshaling them to lead the progressive revolution, the proletariat is being lost,” the Economist wrote.

Support for Republicans among Hispanic voters is within 3-points of their support for Democrats, a

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