ANALYSIS: Even Democrats’ Media Lap Dogs Are Turning On Them

Corporate liberal media outlets — seemingly anxious to do the bidding of the Democratic Party — are noticing that after nearly two years in power, the Biden administration’s promised utopia failed to live up to expectations.

Polls indicate that Americans are more pessimistic than ever about the trajectory of the country. In fact, among Democrats, Biden’s approval is slipping. A January Pew Research Poll found that less than half of self-identified Democrats strongly approve of Biden’s performance as president. Forty percent of the Democrat voters polled either strongly or somewhat disapproved of Biden’s job as president.

The media is taking notice, even disgraced former CNN host Chris Cuomo.

On Monday, Cuomo attacked the January 6 committee, which Democrats see as one of their few chances to save the midterm elections from Republicans. Cuomo accused the committee of playing a “gotcha game,” and “fomenting tension.” Cuomo also said the committee failed to prove criminality for many of those who allegedly planned the riot. (RELATED: ‘I Obsessed Over January 6’: MSNBC Host Frets Trump Will ‘Escape Accountability’)

“There could be crimes, especially on this fugazi election front that we’re just learning about now,” Cuomo said. “Less so I think around the planning and the practical aspects

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