An Open Letter to the Person Blowing Darts at Birds in Missoula

I don’t really do “open letters” like all these ones I see people posting on the internet. But I felt like this was a prime situation to pen my first one. I was scrolling through my Nextdoor app recently when I saw where somebody in Missoula had posted a picture of a bird with an arrow stuck in its neck. Perhaps the bird ran itself into an arrow that was laying in a dangerous position? Possible. And I suppose the bird could have been showing off to his bird friends about how cool he is because he shoots human darts…..and then things took a turn for the worst. But for the sake of things, we’re going to assume somebody decided to shoot the dart at the bird for some unknown reason.

So my letter would go something like this:

Dear person shooting darts into the necks of birds,

What the ‘F’ is your problem?

Yours truly.

See, I told you open letters on the internet might not be my thing. But what a sad thing to see – for no reason.

Here’s the post that accompanied the picture:

Why do people have to be so horrible?
This poor bird is just being a bird and some vile person shot it

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