An elegant mansion built by Wyoming's sheep king still sits on the prairie

From afar, Lost Cabin appears to be little more than a cluster of trees.

To get there from Casper, you have to drive about an hour west on Highway 20/26, get off on Lysite Moneta Road and trek another 15 minutes northeast. The hills are dotted with clusters of enormous, industrial-looking cylinders. Something to do with the ConocoPhillips plant nearby, no doubt.

There are signs with Jolly Rogers on them and statements like “poison gas area” and “do not enter when lights are flashing” on the side of the road.

Get closer to this cluster of trees, and a big, blue, two-story house materializes behind them. Like it was spit out there by some accident of time and space.

The house is sort of Victorian, with ornate white pillars, a wrap-around porch and a lookout tower.

It’s guarded by a wrought-iron gate as wide as the road and at least 10 feet tall. There is artistry on display here: the metal bars coil into elegant swirls at the top. Each side of the gate is attached to two even taller concrete pillars that have white, orb-shaped lamps mounted on them.

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