An American phenom, &c.

Collin Morikawa celebrates with the Claret Jug on the 18th green after winning the British Open in Sandwich, England, on July 18, 2021. (Peter van den Berg / USA TODAY Sports) On the golfer Collin Morikawa; Cuba and race; Naipaul and Thatcher; the Trump movement; dueling national anthems; and more

Collin Morikawa is an utterly winning guy (in more than one sense). He has just won the British Open. And he is heading to the Olympics, to represent his country, namely the United States. A kid named Morikawa representing the Stars and Stripes in Japan. This is one thing I love about America, one thing I believe makes the country great.

• Morikawa has superb technique — one of the best swings on tour. I would give my right arm for what he has (which would complicate the swing, true). But Morikawa also has mental toughness and guts. Combine all that, and you have someone really hard to beat.

Something similar holds true in music, by the way: Combine superb technique with musicality, with imagination, with soul, and — watch out.

• Above, you may have noticed, I said “the British Open.” These days, they

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