Americans don’t need to live like Europeans despite liberal media fears about our 'overabundance'

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A piece on the Bloomberg website by Allison Schrager went viral this week when she wrote that America is in “an age of overabundance” and perhaps we should be more like Europeans in our spending habits. 

Let’s not.

I love Europe. The languages, the food, the long history and my goodness their incredible train stations are something we should immediately copy. Throughout the pandemic I have found myself saying more than once that we should be more like Europe. 


Sure, they did a lot wrong. Some of their lockdowns were harsher and longer than ours and just as ineffective. But the way they treated their children is something Americans should have emulated. 

Schools were a priority and rarely ever closed. Masking began in many places at age 6 not age 2 and in many countries kids under 11 or 12 years old did not have to mask at all. Kids were important and it showed. 

But so much about life in Europe is extremely difficult. Liberal Americans love to point to Europe as the direction we should be headed but a lot of Europeans’ everyday life is

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