Americans aren’t safe with Biden’s open border and the system is ‘flashing red’

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I am one of ten former high level FBI executives who sent an urgent letter to congressional leaders in January warning that our wide-open southern borders have spurred an invasion of military-aged men from hostile foreign countries that creates an unprecedented risk to our national security. 

When the Biden administration threw open the 1951 miles of southern border the security of this great country was recklessly and needlessly compromised. 

This issue has crested at a time when terrorists are on the move: the threats of catastrophic attack on the homeland are imminent and real. The cowardly October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks on Israeli and American civilians was the most devastating act of international treachery since Pearl Harbor and this conflict is not confined to Israel and Hamas. 


The barbaric attack was designed to activate terrorist organizations and their followers across the globe, many who are state sponsored. It is their goal to expand this conflict globally and bring it to our shores. The bloody hands of Iran, the most active state sponsor of terrorist organizations is ever present. This is no time to play politics: border security

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