Alone and sometimes lonely: A winter romance

Brent Northup

A Love Song

The Myrna Loy

Perhaps inspired by boats in bottles, Hollywood made a movie in a bubble.

“A Love Song” was filmed in Colorado in fall 2020 during the heart of the pandemic, pre-vaccine. The cast and crew operated in their own “bubble,” with mandatory seven-day quarantines, accompanied by strict safety precautions.

The movie itself reflects the isolation of the 2020 world: A past-her-prime 60-something woman lives alone in a campground. She yearns for a visit from Lito, a former friend who once promised he’d visit.

One day, Faye puts a calendar on the table, closes her eyes and randomly circles one date. She writes “today” in that square.

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A hope? The day she will move on? We’re not sure.

Faye’s daily life includes drinking coffee, fishing, watching birds – and waiting to see if Campsite number seven gets any mail.

“I picked seven because it’s lucky,” she says.

Faye is a widow. The man she hopes will return is a widower.

Connection seems predestined, a winter romance almost guaranteed.

But the honest script forgoes the

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