'All of who you are is sacred': Unitarian Universalists celebrate National Coming Out Day in Helena

Megan Michelotti

The “LGBTQ2S+ Coming Out Day” service at Helena’s Big Sky Unitarian Universalists church opened with the reading of a poem called “A Prayer for My Queer and Trans Siblings.”

“Here you are. Here, in this holy space, on this ground that is holy because you are here. Here you are, in flesh and bone, filling up this body that belongs to you alone. Your pumping heart is a wonder because it keeps you alive. Your loving heart is a blessing because it keeps all of us alive. The Spirit of Love has a home in you. May we all see that love in you and let our hearts become mirrors for the compassion at your core. The Spirit of Justice has a home in you. May we light our wicks from one another until we are all aflame, until we burn out every prejudice we carry in these bones. Here you are. Holy as you are. Blessed be.”

Service leader Lennon Keppen, who read the poem by Jess Reynolds, explained that the “2S” on the end of LGBTQ+ stands for Two-Spirited Native Americans who are traditionally both male and female or a third gender. Keppen is a member of

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