Album review: Izaak Opatz's 'Extra Medium'

Cory Walsh

On his new album, “Extra Medium,” songwriter Izaak Opatz heads out on many a highway, contemplating wins, losses and life in the middling zone referred to in the title. Connections click, then misfire and fizzle, and new hopes emerge, all with a scenic backdrop.

In the opening track, “Passenger Side,” he pines for partnership, the kind filled with small gestures like helping someone take off a coat while driving. Meanwhile, the music summons up loneliness. Accordion, percussion, keys and background vocals are mixed so low they merge into an ominous and spare voice, empty as the shotgun seat he’s staring at.


Izaak Opatz is having an album release show for “Extra Medium” on Friday, April 29, at Love Boat Paddle Co. at 7 p.m. with Dean Johnson. Suggested donation is $10. 

The album is out on April 29 via BandCamp. Check local shops for CD availability.


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